Company Bio & History

It was late in Autumn of 2002, as the evening dew had just begun to settle along the earth…wait a minute, that’s the intro to the steamy romance novel we’re reading…back this train up!  The real story goes a little sumptin’ like this… What do restaurant management, catering director and hotel sales all have in common?  Trina Chaney-Hoo’s resume!  The Planning Company’s Owner/Director, Trina Chaney-Hoo, boasts a degree in Hospitality Management, as well as, graduating Summa Cum Laude at Johnson and Wales University, where she also studied Culinary Arts.  After an extremely accomplished 13 years in Miami, Florida, she brought her talents to Palm Beach. With rapid success in corporate meeting planning and social catering, it was perfect timing for Trina to officially launch The Planning Company.  In November of 2002, The Planning Company became reality.  Together, with a few full-time associates and an endless list of on-call staff from all corners of the world, Trina and her team are able to pull off just about anything that you throw their way.   She is continually recruiting staff that is knowledgeable in the field and who have a vested interest in the success of their client events.  From inception to execution, clients are in great hands with The Planning Company!

Trina Chaney-Hoo

Bad-Ass Director/Owner

Trina-HeadshotSeriously, she’s not THAT serious…unless we’re talkin’ business!  From the daily functions of owning and operating the company, to summer-time field trips and dance recitals with the kids, she truly is the perfect balance of professional and personal.  Her peers respect her and clients adore her.  Her professional experience is incomparable and her approach will keep you wanting more.  At times, you’d swear she was a machine, but then she laughs and her genuine contagion takes over a room. Whatever she desires, she acquires!

Our Amazing Team



Teri Bernhardt
Logistics and Contracts
“TPC Lifer”

Every company needs a “Teri”, but unfortunately for you, she is a TPC-er for life!  As the foundation for The Planning Company, she has been Trina’s partner in crime for 10+ years.  While she may affectionately be the great and powerful Oz behind the elusive curtain, Teri’s contribution to The Planning Company is priceless on a 24/7 basis.  From concepts to contracts, Teri keeps The Planning Company “ship” on its course.  While her knowledge of QuickBooks will impress you, her compassion for people far surpasses any maniacal intricacies of a technical algorithm.


Brett Genous
Special Event Coordinator

Everybody Loves Raymond?  Actually, Everybody Loves BRETT!  Brett O. Genous burst onto the scene with The Planning Company in the fall of 2013.  His incomparable energy and standards for excellence bring an infectious FIRE to the everyday dynamic of The Planning Company.  Clients and Vendors alike, are dazzled by his charm and even more delighted with his “get it done” approach to event execution.  Brett’s upbeat outlook on life inevitably promotes an enthusiasm amongst staff and clients, that makes him an invaluable resource now, and for what is yet to come for the future of The Planning Company!


Kindra Mogk
Social Media & PR Guru (by day)
”Trophy Wife” (by night)

Don’t let the “trophy wife” fool you, this chick has mad skills!  Kindra joined The Planning Company in the fall of 2013 and brings an unexpected sassy spunk to the daily grind.  A perfectionist at heart, her “it’s in the details” mentality is evident in all that she touches.  Kindra’s background in media sales and marketing built a foundation for relationship development that her colleagues and clients admire on all platforms.  She loves her role as a wife, but you better believe this wild card is a throw-down, first round, draft pick for any Planning Company endeavor!


Olivia Brown
Event SWAG Coordinator & Bridal Stylist

Fierce and fashion-forward, don’t blink too long, because you don’t want to miss this!  This UK native with flawless skin tone is a multi-faceted talent that brings a feisty wit and out-of-the-box creativity to The Planning Company family.  Olivia is a superstar at pushing the boundaries with new and innovative ideas for client projects!  While her sense of creativity takes her to great heights, her consummate professionalism keeps her grounded and relatable in any setting.  Keep your eye on this “up-and-comer”…Olivia definitely has the WOW factor!