"You match all of my philosophies for management and taste.  There is a synergy that happens when you manage the entertainment process.  You're an artist and I instinctively respected you."
Doug Acosta- Elan Artists
"I want to reiterate how much of a help your staff was on Saturday, I think registration went the smoothest it has ever gone."
Tim Tracy- Business Developement Board of Palm Beach County, Inc.
“You are amazing.”
Joan Bever – The Breakers
“The invites were absolutely DIVINE…Trina, you are a magical angel.”
Sandra Saladrigas
“You are incredibly talented…thanks for making magic.”
Connie Bessler – Greystone HCM
“You are the best and it shows”
Ruben Senderey – Senderey Video Productions
“Everything was spectacular…if there was chaos somewhere, it was invisible to us and guests-the sign of a well executed event, in my opinion..”
Karli Hagedorn
“You are a wonderful professional and I value tremendously the way you present yourself to clients”
Kym Bichon – The Breakers
“..it truly is a pleasure for me to work with such professionals…”
Laurie Rapaport – The Breakers
“We are pleased to work with such an organized team”
Misty L. – FotoBoyz